What is MementoDamage?

Memento Damage is a tool to calculate damage value of a memento (URI-M). However, this tool can also be used to calculate the damage on a live web page (URI-R). This is a project by Web Science and Digital Libraries (WSDL) Research Group, Old Dominion University

Is it free to use?

Yes, it is free and open source. The source code is availabe on github: https://github.com/erikaris/web-memento-damage

How to use this tool?

Go see the help menu to find more detail about how to use this tool

Why do I have to use this tool?

To measure how well your web page is archived

How is the damage calculated?

It is calculated by identifying the missing resources (images, multimedia, css, and javascript) and then measuring the importance of those missing resources. Please refer to this paper and this paper for a deeper understanding about calculating memento damage.

What kind of resources that are measured in this tool?

We only consider the embedded resources

I run an URI on memento-damage service, I got a number. What does this number mean?

The number that you got is the total damage value which are the ratio between actual damage and potential damage

What is actual damage?

Actual damage is the damage value calculated based on the resources that are really misssing from in URI

What is potential damage?

Potential damage is the damage that could happen if all resources are missing from in URI

What is the input for this tool?

It works with both URI-R and URI-M